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Ana Carolina Navarro: Pomeranian breeder

I grew up amongst dogs. My mother was a Siberian breeder and I’ve always loved dogs: at the age of six years old I already visited dog shows with my mom and when I was 21 years old I was an exchange student in the USA where I bought my first Golden Retriever: Willy Navarro (1988 – 2011). Willy is responsible for what I am today – a dog lover and not only a Pomeranian breeder but also a Golden Retriever breeder (co-owner of Golden Trip – the #1 Golden Retriever breeder in Brazil for 20 consecutive years).

Marcos Nishikawa (my Golden Trip partner) and Willy were responsible for my passion for dog breeding and they’re my inspiration.

I’ve always wanted to breed a small breed that would also match the Golden Retriever personality somehow. That was when I met the Pomeranians up close and was hooked by them! My first Pom, page Drica, cialis 40mg was a gift from Marcos and I loved the gentle temperament and the easiness to be housebroken and learn fast. They’re great companions and don’t bark as much as other small breeds – in fact I have some poms that I’ve never seen barking.

I imported some female pomeranians from the USA as I wanted to start of with the same quality of my Golden Retriever breeding program.

The breed is gentle but very independent: they love to be petted and sleep on the bed with their owner but they don’t mind sleeping in their own little bed, pharmacist they are very adaptive and friends of other dogs / breeds. My poms know how to impose themselves but also win everyone around them with their tenderness: THAT’S WHAT A POMERANIAN IS!

Ana Carolina Navarro
Victoria’s Pom Breeder